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Questions about your order? Drop us an email or WhatsApp us at 8342 1342.

Frequently Asked Questions

I need help!

Drop us an email or WhatsApp us at 8342 1342.
We’ll be happy to help!

I wanna be a porter!

You’ll be most welcome to! Click here to apply, and we’ll arrange a session for you to know more.

I own a store, can I become a partner?

Sure! Head on over here and we can talk about it!

About Porterfetch

What is Porterfetch?

Supper cravings or late night essentials, our porters fetch you what you want, wherever you are.

What can I get fetched?

Right now, we’ve got some of the best supper spots from all over Singapore. Sign up to see the full spread. We’ll be expanding our selection to REALLY satisfy your late night cravings.

Do you deliver to my area!

Absolutely! We deliver island-wide.

What hours do you deliver?

We fetch between 9pm to 3am daily.

Have you got an app?

Hang in there! We’re gonna have one real soon!

What’s your latest promotion?

Looking for promo codes? Check out our facebook and instagram for the latest promotions!

I can’t decide what to eat!

Check out our blog to see what we’re eating.

My Order

Where is my order?

Head to the Orders tab. It will show you your order status.

Can I change my order?

Simply give your friendly porter a call. If purchase has not been made, you’ll be able to make the change.

How do I contact my porter?

Click on the Call Porter button on your Order Summary to display your porter’s phone number.

Can I change my drop-off after ordering?

You’ll have to cancel your existing order and place a new one with the new drop-off address. We’re sorry for the inconvenience!

Can I cancel my order?

As long as the porter has not arrived at the store, and the kitchen hasn’t started preparing your order, you may cancel your order.

Paying for Items

How are delivery fees calculated?

Delivery fees start at $5 and are based on the distance between you and the store. This allows our friendly porters to earn a fair wage.

Are prices the same as in the store?

We do our best to keep all item prices accurate and updated, but in the event of any price difference, you will be billed the in-store price. A 9% service fee is added to the receipt total.

Is there a minimum order?

Nope! Order as much or as little as you’d like!

Do I have to tip?

You don’t have to, but feel free to reward your porter for a job well done. We’re sure they’ll appreciate it. :)

Is my credit card information secure?

Yes, it’s very secure.

No credit card information is ever stored on our servers. We use Stripe as our default payment gateway where all sensitive information is securely collected using tokenization. Read up more on Stripe’s security policy here.